Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Short Shrift

See what happens when you don't have a disability (other than an insatiable urge to dominate humankind)?

Your mom neglects your blog.

So, by way of my renewed intention to blog here regularly, I offer the following, which seems appropriate, somehow.


"WHY won't you POOP?!?"

Understand, please, that we have two new 6-week-old kittens who are, shall we say, somewhat lax in their attempts to use the litter box for anything other than a simple squizzle, and the box has recently (like, this morning) been moved into that same bathroom. So one could assume this question was being posed to one or both of them.

One would be utterly wrong, but still... one could.

If only.

No, when asked to whom she was speaking, Her Majesty replied, with no little scorn in her voice for having to actually say OUT LOUD such an obvious thing...

"My BUTT."

(I would add a comment, but, really, after that? What could I possibly say?)